Whether it’s your first trip to Knoxville or simply another road trip, you’re in for some fun! There’s always something new to check out in Knoxville.

Gameday weekends here offer a variety of activities for all to enjoy. Just a mile from campus, Market Square is the epicenter of downtown Knoxville - with shops, restaurants and rooftop bars lining each side of a pedestrian, pet-friendly square. A few steps away, the Old City features revitalized, historical buildings now home to art galleries, shops, restaurants and a great nightlife scene. Gay Street runs right through the heart of downtown and is home to everything from locally made Cruze Farm Ice Cream to locally made, FREE live music – performed on stage during the Blue Plate Special at the WDVX Studios at the Visit Knoxville Visitors Center. Come by and say hi!

UT mascott vols

Once the sun rises on gameday, head down to campus early to soak in some of the most revered traditions of an SEC gameday experience. UT is one of only two schools in America known for this unique tailgate scene. The Vol Navy, as we affectionately call it, features hundreds of party boats lined along the Tennessee River in the shadows of Neyland Stadium. Without question, it makes Knoxville one of the coolest gameday experiences in the country. Take the Neyland Greenway from downtown and check it out for yourself!

Make your way to your seat at least 30 minutes early as you don’t want to miss the highly popular pregame routine from the University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band. The Pride of the Southland is one of the most prestigious bands in the country and, this season, is the largest in UT’s history with more than 400 members. The band has played at numerous presidential inaugurations and their pregame routine is one of UT’s most time-honored traditions. Since 1961, the Pride of the Southland has held a standing on-field routine leading up to the entrance of the Tennessee Volunteers. It features salutes to the United States of America, the University of Tennessee, and the visiting team! Listen closely as they play Glory, Glory to officially welcome you to Neyland Stadium!

UT stadium

From your seat, get your phone out as you see the band spell the letters “USA” on the field. In just moments, the band will form the Power T and welcome the Tennessee Volunteers to the field. Even Georgia fans must admit, this tradition is one respected around the college football world. Everyone remembers their first time seeing the Power T open and the players sprint through. Enjoy the moment, take in the sights and sounds, and enjoy your time with 101,000+ football loving friends.

As you make your gameplan, head to http://goodolrockytop.com/ for stadium policies, maps and more. While you’re there, check out the Events Calendar to see what ELSE is happening in Knoxville. And be sure to download Cities of the SEC - a free, digital passport for ALL fans. Welcome to Big Orange Country!