In the ever-changing landscape of meetings and conference event planning, a new wave of decor trends is making a mark, blending vibrant themes with an emphasis on sustainability. We spoke with Su-Lin Timberman, floral director at Epting Events, to get all the tips and trends for the new year. A headshot of a woman with medium length brown hair and a floral blue shirt. Su-Lin does florals and decor for Epting Events in Athens, GA.

5 Tips for Corporate Event Decor Planning:

  1. Embrace Theme Diversity: Incorporate vibrant themes such as Retro Vegas, Western Disco, and Old Hollywood glamour to make meetings and conference events memorable. These themes add a unique touch and can reflect a company's brand or event purpose.
  2. Consider Sustainability: Opt for rentals over purchasing new items to minimize environmental impact. This approach not only promotes sustainability but also offers a wide variety of decor options to fit any theme. Epting Events has a variety of decor options available for clients wanting any theme.
  3. Incorporate Brand Identity: Use the company's or group's logo colors and themes as inspiration for the event decor. This ensures the event aligns with the corporate identity and leaves a lasting impression on attendees. This includes brand colors in decor, but also an overall vibe that fits the culture of the company.
  4. Focus on Impactful Elements: Especially with a budget in mind, invest in key decor elements that make the most impact, such as a thematic buffet table, colorful floral arrangements, or thematic lighting. These focal points can transform a space and enhance the overall event atmosphere.
  5. Utilize Professional Expertise: Working with a designer or event planner can streamline the decor process, from conception to execution. They can offer valuable insights, access to exclusive decor pricing, and ensure the event reflects the desired theme and style. Plus, when you work with an all-in-one service such as Epting Events, you don't have to wrangle multiple vendors and contacts, and setup and breakdown goes much more smoothly.

5 Emerging Trends in Corporate Event Decor:

  1. Less Boho, More Retro Vegas: A shift towards more dynamic, retro-inspired themes with elements of glam and disco influences.
  2. A Time to Celebrate: Especially as corporate events are reaching a full recovery from Covid-19 shut-downs, events are trending towards a celebratory feel. 
  3. Theme Parties: Increasing popularity of themed events, such as Oscar parties with Old Hollywood dress codes, reflecting a desire for immersive and glamorous experiences.
  4. Colorful and Bold Decor: A move towards more color and festive decorations, incorporating vibrant tablescapes, floral arrangements, and thematic props to celebrate in a big way.
  5. Sustainability in Focus: A growing emphasis on sustainable practices in event decor, with a preference for rentals and environmentally friendly options, reflecting corporate responsibility towards the environment.