Every week in the fall, the luckiest people on Earth travel to Athens, GA and enjoy a marvelous weekend full of football, food and festivity. We all know that Athens is the best college football town in the county through our own experiences and visits to other college towns. Now, it's our turn to speak up!  There are several contests taking places through the next few weeks, giving Athens and UGA fans the opportunity to share how much we love our town with the world! With your help, we can land atop "Best of" lists at USA Today, Southern Living, and get Kathie Lee and Hoda to come for a visit! Take a few minutes and vote/tweet support for the three contests below!

1. USA Today's "Best College Football Town"
 From the official website:
"Cast your vote by Sept. 20 in the survey window (click "done" when you've made your choice). You also can vote via Twitter: Make sure your tweet includes the town you're voting for, plus @usatodaytravel and #bestcftown (e.g. I vote for Athens! @usatodaytravel #bestcftown). Please also leave a comment below telling readers why your favorite deserves the crown."
2. Katie Lee and Hoda's College Challenge
From the official website:
"Submit a tweet that includes your college’s name and a description of why your college has the most school spirit and deserves a visit from The TODAY Show. You will also need to include the hashtag “#KLGandHodaU”. You may include photos or videos with your Tweet. Your Tweet and any attached videos or photos will be referred to herein as a “Statement”. Your Statement should include #KLGandHodaU"
They'll choose about six finalists based on the responses and the voting will then be open to the public!
3. Southern Living's "The South's Best Tailgate"
Georgia's steadily climbing the charts in Southern Living's contest! Just click the University of Georgia helmet. The next page will ask you to submit your email and a security code. You can vote once a day until October 1st, so keep going back!!! Plus, you have the chance to win $2,500. Sounds like a great tailgate!
Comment on this post and let us know which contests you participated in! It's the least we can do with all the happiness the Bulldogs give loyal fans throughout the year.