Athens, Georgia is a rising star on the culinary scene.  Our college town just 60 miles northeast of Atlanta is well worth a drive for foodies seeking out a dining destination.   We're pleased as punch that Zagat Atlanta has pulled together a spot-on list of Athens GA restaurant recommendations. 


Zagat says: 

"Athens, Ga., built its reputation on two things: music and football. (Higher education? Okay, maybe three things.)  . . .  A lot has changed in Athens recently. Maybe that's because chefs and mixologists are the "new rock stars," as we've all heard ad infinitum.  . . . So if you haven't made it to Athens recently, or if your only thoughts of the city are of cheap beer and hazy memories (be they sporting or rock 'n' rolling), it's time to head east. These spots will make your trip worthwhile."

 10 Reasons to Drive to Athens

ZAGAT: 10 New Reasons to Drive to Athens