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The World Famous

  • 351 N. Hull Street|
  • Athens GA 30601
  • (706) 543-4002
  • Region: Downtown

The World Famous is an intimate listening room that allows an up-close, personal and cozy experience for both the performer and the audience. Their bar serves up hand-made original cocktails, craft and domestic beer, choice wines, an array of specialty sodas, teas, and coffee. The menu is “food cart” style, no utensils necessary, with dishes and snacks starting in the South and making a trip around the world. Chef Jarad Blanton does a stellar job producing creative dishes that pair nicely with the original cocktails and house-made sodas.

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    The Pauses with Oak House Concert

    • Location: The World Famous
    • 12/16/16
    • The Pauses' (who prefer that their possessive noun-ing be spelled Pauseses)…
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