Looking to beat the heat with a sweet treat? Athens has many different tasty options for you to try that are local to the city. Whether it’s Pelican's for a snowcone, Condor for a chocolate milkshake, Vampire Penguin for shaved snow, or Four Fat Cows for unique ice cream flavors, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recommendations below. 


Pelican’s SnoBalls A red and blue snowcone from Pelican's SnoBalls

Where: 510 Baxter Street Suites A&B
Price: $3-$7
Recommended: Shark Attack 
Pelican’s SnoBalls offers more than 20 different snow cone flavors and sizes that will work for the whole family. 


Condor Chocolates 

A chocolate milkshake from Condor Chocolates

Photo By: @Condorchocolates

Where: 1658 S Lumpkin St AND 160 E Washington St
Price: $5-$10
Recommended: Chocolate Milkshake 
Condor Chocolates is a bean-to-bar Ecuadorian chocolate shop & cafe. They use cacao from Ecuador, their mother's native country and also incorporate local products in their chocolates. Condor is the perfect Georgia-made Sweet Treat, especially their milkshakes! 


Vampire Penguin 

Shaved snow with whipped cream from Vampire Penguin

Photo By: @vamppengathens

Where: 115 Hickory St 
Price: $7-$12
Recommended: Cotton Candy 
Vampire Penguin is a new business in Athens serving shaved snow, a combination of shaved ice and ice cream. Try out this new dessert venue for a fun treat!

Four Fat Cows 

Triple chocolate ice cream from Four Fat Cows

Where: 723 Baxter St
Price: $4-$10
Recommended: Triple Chocolate 
Four Fat Cows is a local ice cream shop with so many different and fun flavors that you can’t find at popular chains! 

Cool World Ice Cream Shop

A blue coolie shake from Cool World Ice Cream Shop

Where: 1040 Gaines School Rd #218
Price: $4-$10
Recommended: Coolie Shake
Cool World Ice Cream Shop is a great little eastside spot owned by Beau Tracy Shell, the Lil' Ice Cream Dude, who started with an ice cream cart when he was 8 years old. The variety of flavors of ice cream, shakes and coolie shakes make this a must-try for anyone looking for a way to beat this Georgia heat!