Exceptional food is always a plus side of picking Athens to host your convention or meeting, but that local flavor can extend from the kitchens of our restaurants straight to your events with food trucks.

"Having local food trucks is a great way to incorporate the local community as well as giving out of town guests the real experience of the town," says Catie Stewart, the senior catering sales manager at Levy Catering.

These mobile eateries bring a fun, dynamic twist to food service at meetings, conventions, and other events, offering a unique flair that attendees appreciate. They're also versatile, offering a wide variety of food for any meal you need to supply, whether it's morning coffee, an afternoon treat, or a full array of options for lunch.A food truck at The Classic Center.

Food trucks have become increasingly popular, especially at conferences, as they offer a fresh alternative to traditional catering options.

"It's an easy way to add a special touch to your event while giving your guests a variety of cuisines to choose from," Stewart explains.

Levy Catering has noticed more and more groups opting for food trucks in recent years. For those planning events at The Classic Center, Levy offers assistance in coordinating with a huge range of food trucks. Stewart and her team aim to feature local options whenever possible, though they also have fantastic trucks that come in from Atlanta to cater to specific event needs.

It's worth mentioning that food trucks usually have minimum order requirements to ensure there's plenty of food to go around. However, they strive to be as accommodating as possible. Event organizers have the flexibility to cover costs upfront, or opt for a "Cash and carry" system, where attendees buy their own food. This versatility makes food trucks a viable and exciting option for a variety of events, promising a memorable dining experience that attendees will love.