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Athens Views

An Inside Look at Athens, Georgia




Tristan Otto
Tristan Otto

Tristan is a third-year student at the University of Georgia, studying Marketing and Sport Management. In his free time, you can catch him at the IM fields playing whatever sport is in season or downtown eating at one of the local spots. Big into local brews and music, he likes being able to find all "the necessities" within walking distance of campus.

Coffee Shops of Athens

Where are the best coffee shops in Athens? There are plentyto choose from, as you would expect from any self-respecting college town. Whether you are looking for a quick cup of joe, the latest signature blends or roasts, or a quiet space to get some work done, you will find that these coffee shops are an essential part of Athens' creative vibe! It's not just the craft beer scene and restaurants that we can brag about in Athens- the coffee shops are pretty unrivaled as well!  Here's a roundup of the top coffee shops in Athens, Georgia. …

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