Looking for places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Athens, Georgia? Look no further! As a super-sweet junkie, I have made it my goal to try as many sweet & treat places in Athens as I possibly can in order to find the best of the best. So if you're a sweet fanatic like me, check out this list of some of the best local sweets that are sure to keep you coming back. Make sure to bring your appetite, because these treats are irresistible. 

Cover photo courtesy of @zombiecoffeeanddonuts (instagram)

Zombie Coffee and Donuts

zombie donuts instagram

Photo courtesy of @zombiecoffeeanddonuts (instagram) 

Ever feel like a total zombie after waking up? Most of us do. That's why Zombie Coffee and Donuts is the perfect place to start your day.

The first Zombie Coffee and Donuts opened in Washington, D.C., but the owner, Tony Raffa, a UGA alum, decided to bring the store down to Athens, Ga. as well. Zombie Coffee opened in the spring of 2016 and has quickly become an Athens hotspot.  Unlike other donut shops, Zombie Coffee and Donuts is more of a sit-down type of shop, with tables and bars that are perfect for meeting up with an old friend or catching up on work.  

The donuts are made fresh every 15 to 20 minutes and customers choose everything from beginning to end. The customer first begins by choosing the donut, then proceed to choose the glaze and toppings. With over 50 topping options, the possibilities are endless. Go with a simple cinnamon sugar donut or create a donut with a mountain of toppings- the choice is all up to you. Besides the mouth-watering donuts, the coffee here is incredibly rich. Zombie Coffee offers customers the option of either self-served coffee or specialty drinks made by a barista. The self-serve option is perfect for those who know exactly how they like their coffee or like to experiment with different options. Specialty coffees are also a great way to spice up your routine coffee. There are so many different ways to pair donuts and the flavors that it may get a bit overwhelming for first timers. But fear not, everything will taste incredible in the end. Even though I like to experiment with different toppings and flavors, my favorite is a chocolate donut with chocolate icing topped with M&M pieces paired with an iced coffee. So much chocolaty goodness! 

Insomnia Cookies

insomnia instagram

Photo courtesy of @insomniacookies (instagram) 

If you’ve ever been to Athens, you know Insomnia Cookies is a must. Located in the heart of Downtown Athens, Insomnia is the perfect place to get your sugar fix. 

The cookies are served hot and fresh and they taste even better when paired with a cold bottle of milk or drink. Want to spice up your treat? Order an ice cream cookie sandwich or one of the chocolatiest brownies you can imagine. As an avid chocolate chip cookie eater, I can definitely say Insomnia Cookies has the best chocolate chip cookies. They are soft, yet a bit on the chewy side, and unlike many other chocolate chip cookies, Insomnia's chocolate chunks are the perfect size and evenly proportional to the rest of the cookie. 

Pro tip: heat up your cookie before consuming, it will completely change your experience. 


cinnaholic (website)

Photo courtesy of cinnaholic.com 

Get ready for the best cinnamon rolls you've ever tried. Located across the Arch in downtown Athens, Cinnaholic serves 100% vegan, cholesterol- and lactose-free cinnamon rolls with a twist. This shop was featured on Shark Tank and has since received national recognition for their delicious rolls.  

These are not the traditional rolls you once knew- they're better! The rolls are completely personalized to your liking starting with the flavored frosting and endless topping choices. I must admit a traditional cinnamon roll is classic and timeless, but the rolls at Cinnaholic will completely change your outlook on cinnamon rolls. My go-to order is a roll with vanilla frosting and cookie dough (have I mentioned how much I like cookies?) and brownie bites. If you're looking for a more mellow option, go with an almond frosting with fresh fruit, like strawberries and bananas. 

Condor Chocolates

Condor Chocolates

The first specialty chocolate shop opened in Athens, Condor Chocolates produces bean-to-bar Ecuadorian chocolates right in historic Five Points, just down Lumpkin St. from downtown. The shop was opened by brother duo, Nick and Peter Dale who wanted to pay tribute to their mother’s birthplace, Ecuador. This country is famous for their cacao and just one bite of a Condor chocolate will prove just why. Along with the rich Ecuadorian cacao, ingredients made from local products are used in these tasty treats, like Georgia pecans and locally made chili pepper. Condor Chocolates serves everything from chocolaty drink to pastry items to savory chocolate pieces. Ever since I tried their sipping chocolate with marshmallows, my life has not been the same. It is addicting, but in a positive way. If you're looking for something even sweeter, I recommend pairing the sipping chocolate with a brownie...it's chocolate heaven in your mouth. 

Nedza’s Waffles

nedza's waffles instagram

Photo courtesy of nedzas.com 

A relatively new, yet incredibly popular Athens treat is Nedza’s Waffles. This company was started by Joe Nedza, an undergraduate Management student at the University of Georgia. 

The waffles are made from scratch from batter that the team makes themselves. You can order a simple waffle with powdered sugar, or one with an ice cream scoop and a wide variety of toppings. Not only are the waffles absolutely delicious, but each waffle comes with a personalized compliment to spread kindness and love. Also, did I mention how instagrammable these waffles are? 

While Nedza’s Waffles is currently only a pop-up at various events and festivities around Athens, Joe Nedza hopes to open an established location or food truck where customers can go to for their waffle cravings. Until then, follow Nedza's on Twitter (@nedzaswaffles) to see where they're headed to next!

Do you have a favorite Athens treat? Let us know in the comments! Plus, check out all the other local treats on our restaurants page.