It's no secret that Athens, Georgia is known for its creative energy. The city is filled with places where the art community can come together and share their creations. Here are some spots art enthusiasts will definitely want to check out:


K.A. Artist Shop 

Bright colors, fun tools and creative spaces make K.A. Artist Shop a must see. A place that one could spend hours dreaming and creating. The shop features an expertly-curated selection of art supplies. Along with art classes, they have a studio where you can professionally photograph your artwork. 

Heidi Hensley

Heidi Hensley Art is a space where the art community can come together and share their creations. The floor-to-cieling windows at the front of the shop give the studio a sun soaked feel. Sometimes you can even find Heidi Hensley herself at work painting in front of the shop. In her shop, you can find colorful illustrations of America's cities and towns as well as collegiate-themed pieces. 

Board and Brush 

The joy of wine, the relaxation of painting and the timelessness of wooden signs all come together at Board & Brush for an instructor led workshop where you can create your own wood decor project. The workshop provides you with the materials and teaches you techniques to make a custom piece that looks professionally made. 


Georgia Museum of Art

The state of Georgia's official art museum, the Georgia Museum of Art, sits proudly on east campus of the University of Georgia. More than 10,000 pieces adorn the walls of the museum containing American, Asian and European works. The museum features a broad array of exhibitions including ones that reflect the academic study of the history of art. (photo credit: @gmoastudent)


Lyndon House Arts Center

The Lyndon House Arts Center offers workshops for all ages, galleries with rotating collections, and a gift store with artwork to purchase. Not only do they encourage everyone to try out their artistic side, The Lyndon House Arts Center gives up-and-coming artists a chance to showcase their work and show off their skills. The gallery rotates four times per year featuring one artist per exhibit. 

ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art

ATHICA is a non-profit gallery that provides the community with an open, uncensored space for artists to showcase contemporary art. They promote and support contemporary art through exhibitions, events and events. 

Tiny ATH Gallery

Tiny ATH Gallery provides space and a promotional agenda for local Athens artists. In a pop-up style gallery, they feature a different artist every month with a full gallery of their works. Tiny ATH Gallery gives every featured artist a full digital marketing plan to announce the artist and promote their exhibition at no cost to the artist. 

Lamar Dodd School of Art Galleries

Lamar Dodd School of Art Galleries showcase the work of UGA art students, faculty and professional work. The galleries examine the cultural and social contexts around us, challenge contemporary perceptions of art making, and provide a framework for intellectual and creative inquiry.

Tif Sigfrids Gallery

Located above Jittery Joe's at the corner of Jackson and Broad streets, this art venue is home to two galleries: Tif Sigfrids and Ridley Howard's. Both of them lived in Athens in the '90s and have returned to provide artists with a space to elevate their profiles. The multi-roomed floor plan allows them to display multiple exhibitions at once. 


Artini's Art Studio, Gallery & Lounge 

Whether you've never touched a paintbrush in your life or painting is your favorite pass time, Artini's Art Studio, Gallery & Lounge welcomes you to stay, sip and paint with them. At Artini's Art Studio, you and a group of friends can paint pictures and sip on some liquid courage in an instructor-led course. 

Good Dirt 

Good Dirt Studio & Gallery is an instructional space for ceramic students and artists as well as a gallery for the work of local artist and Good Dirt owner, Rob Sutherland. They offer pottery classes for every skill level. The class sizes are small enough to receive one-on-one instruction yet big enough for you to do your own thing. 

Southern Star Studio 

In September 2009, Maria Dondero opened Southern Star Studio in Athens and started making work with the name Marmalade Pottery. Today, Dondero works alongside seven other local ceramicists she rents out studio space to. Southern Star Studio provides a vibrant community of artists with a space to create and present their work. On the first Saturday of every month, the studio is open to the public with pottery demos and pots for sale. 

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