Many words are used to describe Athens: vivacious, picturesque, enticing, quaint, but most importantly is the word unique. Athens, GA is anything but ordinary! When you visit Athens know that live music can be found almost nightly, UGA students may be sighted covered in red and black paint exuding school spirit, and there are plenty of one-of-a-kind local dining and shopping experiences ready for you. Athens is as quirky and fun as they come!




Local Business Love

Although geographically it is the smallest county in Georgia, citizens can always find some of their favorite things to do within Athens' 118 square miles. The love and patronization of local, small businesses is unparalleled. Ask any local about their favorite specialty store and they'll skip the franchises and babble off a list of businesses developed and sustained right in the heart of Athens!

One favorite is Frontier. Frontier is a downtown Athens store that has one-of-a-kind bath, home, and garden products. It is the perfect stop if you're looking for a small gift that shows how much you care. For all the chocolate lovers out there, Athen's Condor Chocolates, an Ecuadorian bean-to-bar shop, is a shining star. Two brothers, Nick and Peter Dale, oversee the entire process from the beans being harvested by hand in Ecuador to being wrapped and sold here in Athens.

Thrift Store Galore

If you haven't heard, Athens is the land of #StealYourGrandpa'sSwag. Many people take to the thrift stores around town to create their own unique style. 

Dynamite Clothing has great 70's and 80's inspired clothes and accessories. Vintage home decor is also popular in Athens. Junk in the Trunk has furniture and decorative items that would make any home a bit more homey. Those who like to keep their fashion choices within the 21st century should head to Suska! Suska is a hot spot for "previously loved" clothes that are in season. This European inspired consignment shop collects higher-end clothing and sells them at affordable prices.

FunFunky Events

Community events always draw a huge crowd. The entire town and visitors come together to participate in big annual events which are the foundation of Athens culture.

Whether it's the Twilight Criterium professional bike race which began in 1980 or people dressed up as unicorns at the Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade, flocks of Athenians never fail to show up in large numbers to have a fun time.The Classic City BBQ Festival brought a crowd of 2,400 people in 2014. Don't miss out on this year's barbeque contests and car shows! 

Creative Culinary Community

Athens has a booming culinary scene which is more affordable and accessible than bigger cities.

With such a community-oriented atmosphere, restaurants are free to introduce unusual traditions like weekly Ramen Nights. Yes, ramen noodles with actual substance are available at three different Athens restaurants Monday through Wednesday! How does Tonkotsu Ramen at Five & Ten on Monday nights sound? Or if you're more of a veg-head, Seabear Oyster Bar's mushroom-based ramen is perfect for vegetarians Tuesday nights. On Wednesday evenings, Pulaski Heights BBQ serves ramen with soy broth, bacon, collards, soft eggs, sesame, scallion, and the meat of your choice, yum!

Fabulous Fitness Finds

While any true local has a mental list of the best restaurants and most mouth-watering Athens dishes, they can also point you in the direction of the nearest yoga studio or nearby gym. You'll find Athens streets teeming with cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers.

The city of Athens has managed to balance any excesses that any culinary overindulgences with excellence unusual exercise options. You don't have to be stuck on the treadmill with choices like workouts at Balance or All Body Studio. Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Did you know trapeze is killer workout? Take a class at Leap Flying Trapeze and you'll be flying through the air in no time!

With quirky traditions, food, and events, you quite never know what to expect while in Athens!