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Next to Last Festival, Athens, Georgia October 27 - 31, 2010 The Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau is teaming up with one of the most unique annual festivals in Athens, the Next to Last Festival…

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Homecoming Weekend Festivities

Welcome back to Old Athens Town! Hope that everyone made it out to the Homecoming Parade tonight! If you didn't, you still have all of Saturday to rediscover Athens. It seems like it's always changing. Check out some new restaurants or shops by visiting the CVB website. 1. UGA vs. Vanderbilt 2…

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Just thought I'd update you guys on some cool stuff happening in Athens, Georgia. 1. Fort Wilson Riot concert TONIGHT at Go Bar 2. UGA VIII debut during Homecoming 3. Corey Smith 4. Nuci's Space Jam-…

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Clips of Faith

Woo-Hoo Fall Film Festivals! Last Friday, New Belgium brought films and fun to downtown Athens, Georgia. Their Annual Clips of Faith Film Tour featured 20 handpicked amateur short films that were…

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