It's spooky season here in Athens, Ga. From legends to ghost stories, learn all about the frights and sights of Athens. 

The University of Georgia is No. 5 on College Candy's list of the Top 10 Most Haunted College Campuses. So it's no surprise that many of UGA's Greek houses and buildings have haunted histories.  


Haunted Greek Houses

Phi Mu 

The Phi Mu sorority house is said to be haunted by the ghost of Hanna Hamilton who mourns her dead fiance, according to College Candy. A story from The Red & Black revealed that Hamilton lived next door to the Phi Mu house and saw her fiance get murdered by a member of his own family. Hamilton eventually went crazy and continues to haunt the house. 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Gamma Delta UGA

Rumor has it that Alpha Gamma Delta's sorority house is haunted by a sister named Susie Carithers who hung herself in the attic after being stood up on her wedding day.

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Next on the list on haunted Greek houses is fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. According to an article by The Red & Black, the owner of the house had a bad day and came home and drowned his daughter in the bathtub and then killed himself. The ghost of his daughter, Tabitha, supposedly haunts the house.

Delta Tau Delta 

In Delta Tau Delta's fraternity house, formerly the Kappa Delta sorority house, there was said to be a girl who was upset about a recent break-up and so she went into the bathroom and hung herself. When Delta Tau Delta took over the house, the bathroom was turned into a bedroom, but she still haunts the house to this day. 


Haunted Cemeteries 

The Oconee Hill Cemetery 

The Oconee Hill Cemetery is rumored to be haunted too. Legend has it a farmer drunkenly drove his carriage off of a bridge, and he still drives near his grave under a full moon, according to a 1972 article in The Red and Black.  

Old Athens Cemetery

The Old Athens Cemetery

Old Athens Cemetery also referred to as The Jackson Street Cemetery is also rumored to be haunted. In the 1990s, the cemetery was visited by a team of ghost hunters who found signs of paranormal activity. 


Haunted UGA Buildings 

Joe Brown

Joe Brown UGA

Many UGA students believe that Joe Brown Hall, originally a dormitory in 1932, is haunted. Over Christmas break, a boy committed suicide in his room. When the students returned, the smell of the boy's decaying body led them to his room. The wing had to be sealed off to contain the stench that reeked throughout the dorm. To this day, the wing remains sealed off and one can walk up the staircase that leads to the sealed-off area. 

Lustrat House 

Lustrat House UGA

Built in 1847, the Lustrat House was used to house professors. Charles Morris, an English professor and major in the Confederate Army, lived in this house with Professor Lustrat. When Lustrat died, creepy things began to happen. It has been said that a gray mist forms into a Confederate Army Uniform and moves throughout the house. People blamed Lustrat but it was later found that Morris' spirit that was returning to the house, according to an article by  The Red and Black

Waddel Hall

Waddel Hall UGA

According to the Southern Spirit Guide, you can hear a tragic lovers quarrel in this building from 1821. During WWI, a man left his lover who fell for someone else in his absence. When he returned from the war, he confronted his lover and the quarrel ended in a murder-suicide. 

Candler Hall 

Candler Hall UGA

Candler Hall was formerly a dorm and home to  23-year-old senior, William Samuel Lloyd who lived on the first floor of Candler Hall. After going to dinner with his roommate, they returned to their dorm room and Willie picked up a loaded pistol and spun the pistol around on his finger. While his finger was in the trigger guard, he was shot by the pistol in his lower abdomen and passed away in his dorm room. He was buried in his family's plot at Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Atlanta, but some say he never really left Candler Hall, according to a post from the UGA School of Public and International Affairs.



Zombie Farms

zombie farms logo

A haunted trail located right outside of Athens, Ga., Zombie Farms includes 15 unique horror sets on a 3/4 mile trail through dark and spooky woods. In addition to a spooky walk on the trail, Zombie Farms also has a campfire area for marshmallow roasting and ghost stories! The haunted trail is great for families, parties and more. Find more information about this spooky trail here.

Athens Haunted History Walking Tour

Haunted Athens Tours

Local historian, Jeff Clarke, will conduct 45-minute walking tours of Athens hauntings and history. Clarke will reveal the stories behind various Athens landmarks as well as tell ghost stories of different historic buildings.

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