Be sure to mark your calendar: Father's Day is right around the corner! It's time to show your dad how important he is to you and treat him to the gifts that he will adore.

Our list of Father's Day finds in Athens, Georgia, will match up with any dad's wishlist. Here's to a Father's Day that he'll never forget!


1. For the Stylish Dad

Men's Clothing

Is a classy button up a part of your dad's usual style?  Look no further than Onward Reserve, located on E. Clayton Street in downtown Athens. Along with Oxfords, this store has all your dad's favorites, including polos, America tees, Yeti cups, hats, swim trunks, boxers, and more. Or check out Empire South on West Clayton Street for more options on hats, shirts, swim trunks, or watches. You can spend as little as $25 or as much as $200. Whatever your budget is, your dad will surely love the new additions to his wardrobe. 



2. For the Beer Lovin' Dad

Generic Beer Image

Stop by Creature Comforts, TerrapinSouthern Brewing Company, and Akademia to grab local Athens craft brewery essentials: t-shirts, glassware, stickers, hats, even a six pack of his favorite beer. For all you shoppers on a budget, this idea is sure to not break the bank. These four breweries have apparel from $10 to $25 along with glassware ranging from $6 to $12. If you are looking for more of a bonding activity, invite dad to Athens for a brewery tour, and spend the afternoon enjoying a glass (or two). The time spent together will make the best gift of them all. Have a Brew-tiful Father's Day! Bring your dad to Creature Comforts this Father's Day and he will receive a free beer on his first order. 

*If your dad is more into cigars, be sure to check out Five Points Bottle Shop (Westside) or 5 Points Growlers for the largest selection of hand-rolled premium cigars that are available in boxes, bundles, sampler packs, or singles.



3. For the Outdoorsy/Adventure Dad


Are the outdoors calling? Then be sure to stop by Half-Moon Outfitters and High Country Outfitters and get your dad all the outdoor summer gear that he's been dreaming about. Tents, hiking boots, backpacks, camping gear, jackets - you name it, they got it! Start your adventure on Father's Day by bringing your dad to Big Dogs on the River where y'all can spend the afternoon kayaking down the Oconee. Check out more outdoor adventures here. Be sure to refuel after, while still enjoying the outdoors, with one of our many al fresco dining choices



4. For the Athletic Dad

Firefly Bike Trail

We can't all be athletes, but a few of us are lucky enough to have an athlete in the family! If your dad spends his free time running 5k's or doing bike races, Hub BicyclesAthens Running Company, and Fleet Feet may be the best places to find your dad his gold medal gift. From athletic clothing to footwear to biking gear, you'll find all the essentials for any of your dad's upcoming competitions or joyrides. Fair warning, you may not be able to keep up with him the next time you join him for a run. For those on a budget, have your dad come into town for a nice Father's Day stroll through the Greenway, or the new Firefly Trail, a rails-to-trails project that will eventually span 39 miles from Athens to Union Point, GA. The fresh air and great company will make it a day he'll never forget. We have more Athens sports and recreation ideas here.



5. For the Bulldog Lovin' Dad

UGA Football Stadium

Does your dad bleed red and black? If yes, then there is no better gift than UGA apparel. Red Zone and The Clubhouse have all the essential bulldog gear including t-shirts, cozies, jerseys, hats, and memorabilia. Whether he's a football, baseball, basketball, or hockey fan, these shops have it all. With game days just around the corner, there is truly no better way to prepare for tailgate season. Since big sporting events are limited during the summer in Athens, stop by Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall with your dad and admire the numerous bulldog athletic exhibits. Ain't nothing finer than a day well spent with your dad.



6. For the Musical Dad

Wuxtry Record Boxes

Whether your dad is into the classics or the latest releases, you'll be sure to find vinyls he'll play on repeat. Located at the corner of E. Clayton and College Avenue, Wuxtry Records has been in Athens for past 40 years and was named one of the top 25 record shops by Rolling Stone. Your father will be thrilled to get a gift from such a well-known place. Be sure to also check out Low Yo Yo Stuff Records for more rare finds and unique treasures. Or give him a piece of Athens' very own vinyl pressing plant, Kindercore Vinyl. If your dad is a musician, head to Chick Music or Baxendale Guitar for the best gear or even lessons with qualified instructors and musicians. Stay out late with some world-famous Athens live music, plan a day out with dad at a summer music festival, or take a music history tour!



8. For the Artsy Dad

Georgia Museum of Art exterior

If your dad is a creative soul, be sure to shop at Loft Art Supplies and K.A. Artist Shop for the largest selection of art materials. Just think, you will be contributing in some small way to his next big project. If he is more into collecting art, consider buying an original by a local artist. Athens is home to many renowned artists like Jamie Calkin and Heidi Hensley, to name a few of our local gems, both who create breathtaking works of art of the Classic City. For a Father's Day activity, you can even take your dad to the Georgia Museum of Art, the official art museum of Georgia. Y'all can spend hours wandering the galleries and admiring more than 10,000 pieces of art in the Permanent Collection, which is just one of the many gallery spaces in the museum. ATHICA, a non-profit gallery, is also a must see and features the work of many contemporary artists. There is also plenty of public art to tour, or check out some other artistic happenings. Go paint the town red this Father's Day!



9. For the Foodie Dad

Local Food- Seafood 2

If there is a food heaven, then Athens would definitely be it! With a wide range of culinary options, you will always have a new restaurant to try. From breakfast to brunch to dinner, your stomach will be happy all day long. The gift of food can be hard to wrap, but if your dad is all about cooking, stop by the Athens Farmers Market on Saturday and get some local produce and homemade pasta to make a delicious Father's Day meal. Or visit Shiraz for great wine recommendations and perfect pairings. If going out to eat is more up his alley, be sure to check out our Athens Foodie Itinerary with almost every genre of food to choose from. For the barbecue loving dad, be sure to check out the Brews and Q's trail which is a fun twist on the dining experience! There are plenty of tasty ideas for dining your way through Athens! Bring your father to Five and Ten for a variety of discounted beer, cornhole on the front lawn and more! 


For all the dads out there, we wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

**This blog was originally authored by Jenna Beals in June 2017 and updated by Arden Baila in June 2018**

**This blog has been updated by Alvieann Chandler in June 2019